Medication Rebates for Allergy and Asthma Medications


Some pharmaceutical manufacturers make medication rebate coupons and savings cards available to help defray the cost of their prescription medicines.

In most cases, these must be submitted along with proof of having purchased the medication from the pharmacy.


  • Savings are not available for all products, and offers may be time-limited. Please confirm the expiration date.
  • See the eligilibilty criteria from the manufacturer. Not all patients will qualify.
  • Medication coupons or rebates are prohibited in some states, such as Massachusetts. Please check with your own pharmacy to be sure that these offerings are valid in your state.
  • These coupons cannot be used for prescriptions that are paid for by state or federal health insurance programs such as Medicaid, or Medicare.

Antihistamines - Oral

  • Allegra® Savings. Allegra® is an oral antihistamine for the treatment of allergies. The manufacturer provides discounts that vary depending on the formulation. (See link below.)
  • Zyrtec® Rebate. The Zyrtec® rebate may help you reduce the cost of filling your Zyrtec® prescription. Zyrtec® (cetirizine) is a prescription-only antihistamine used for the treatment of allergies. Zyrtec provides non-sedating relief of such allergy symptoms as sneezing, runny nose, and watering eyes. (See link below.) 

Antihistamines - Nasal

  • Nasonex® Savings. Nasonex® is a nasal antihsitamine that is used once-daily to help relieve both seasonal (outdoor) and year-round (indoor) nasal allergy symptoms including congestion, sneezing, itchy nose or runny nose. It is important that you take Nasonex® regularly as recommended by your doctor, since its effectiveness depends on regular use. Maximum treatment benefit is usually achieved in 1 to 2 weeks. (See link below.)

Asthma Medications

  • Advair® Savings. Advair® is a combination asthma medication that combines the use of a bronchodilator with an inhalded corticosteroid to provide long-term control of asthma symptoms. (See link below.)
  • Singular® Rebate. Singulair® is an oral leukotriene inhibitor that may be prescribed for the treatment of allergies and asthma. (See link below.)
  • Symbicort® Savings. Symbicort® is a combination asthma medication that combines the use of a bronchodilator with an inhalded corticosteroid to provide long-term control of asthma symptoms. (See link below.)

Corticosteroids - Topical

  • Clobex® Rebate. The Clobex® rebate may help you reduce the cost of filling your Clobex® prescription. (See link below.)
  • Vanos® Savings. Vanos® is a potent corticosteroid that is applied to the skin for the treatment of psoriasis and other dermatoses (inflammatory skin conditions). Vanos® is available by prescription-only. Discounts are available through the manufacturer's MediSAVE program. (See link below.)


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