Vectical (calcitriol) Ointment

What is Vectical® Ointment?

  • The active ingredient in Vectical® (calcitriol) Ointment 3mcg/g is a naturally occurring form of Vitamin D3 known as calcitriol, which treats mild to moderate plaque psoriasis.
  • Vectical® Ointment can be used on sensitive skin area
  • Vectical® Ointment can be used safely for the long-term, as directed by your doctor
  • There is no generic substitute for Vectical® Ointment.

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What can you expect from treatment with Vectical® Ointment?

  • Vectical® Ointment provides treatment you can depend on. Studies have shown that over 30% of patients were clear or almost clear of psoriasis after 8 weeks of twice daily treatment with Vectical® Ointment
  • For patients who used Vectical® Ointment for up to one year, approximately 60% reported significant improvement in their psoriasis symptoms over that time
  • If you were prescribed phototherapy for your condition, apply Vectical® Ointment after treatment, as directed by your doctor
  • When using Vectical® Ointmen, you may experience skin discomfort, irritation and itching. These side effects are typically mild and get better over time
  • Do not use Vectical® Ointment if you have had an allergic reaction or other reaction to any of its ingredients
  • Because Vectical® Ointment may affect how your body manages calcium, be sure to tell your doctor if you take diuretics or suffer from kidney disease

Using Vectical® Ointment

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully when using Vectical® (calcitriol) Ointment 3mcg/g or any other psoriasis treatment.

Applying Vectical® Ointment

  • Apply, as directed, to skin areas affected by psoriasis
  • Gently rub into skin until no medicine remains visible
  • For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, lips and face
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after each applications
  • To learn more about psoriasis and Vectical® Ointment, visit the Vectical Website.

The Benefits of Vectical® Ointment

Convenient: Vectical® Ointment should be applied twice-daily to the affected areas and rubbed gently into the skin until no medication remains visible. Follow your doctor’s prescribed orders for proper application. Do not apply to your eyes, lips or face.

Effective: In two 8 week studies of over 400 mild to moderate plaque psoriasis patients treated with Vectical® Ointment, approximately 13% of them were clear or had minimal psoriasis after 2 weeks of treatment, and that number increased to around 34% after 8 weeks. In a one year study of 130 psoriasis sufferers, 64% of those patients who used Vectical® Ointment for the full year reported at least marked improvements in their condition.

Tolerable: Clinical studies show that the most likely side effects from using Vectical® Ointment are site application itching and skin discomfort. Vectical® Ointment may also affect how your body metabolizes calcium, so tell your doctor if you have kidney disease or take diuretics.

Avoid or limit excessive exposure to the sun while using Vectical® Ointment, including the use of tanning beds or sun lamps. In clinical studies, local irritation was generally mild, but discontinue use of Vectical® Ointment if these effects are severe, and contact your doctor.

Vectical® Ointment Basics

Vectical® Ointment contains calcitriol, which works on a cellular level to help inhibit the over production of skin cells, which is a key factor in psoriasis, and it is thought to help decrease the excessive immune response on the skin of patients with psoriatic lesions

Vectical® Ointment has been studied worldwide in over 839 patients, and has been shown to be an effective Vitamin D3 ointment and well-tolerated.

Vectical® Ointment was developed to be a less irritating form of topical Vitamin D3 and can be used on specific plaques, large body surface areas (studied in up to 35% BSA), as well as sensitive skin fold areas.

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Important Safety Information

Vectical® Ointment is a topical treatment for mild to moderate plaque psoriasis in adults, 18 years and older. When using Vectical®, you may experience skin discomfort and itching. Because Vectical® may affect how your body regulates calcium, tell your doctor if you suffer from kidney disease or renal insufficiency. Also, tell your doctor if you are taking medications like diuretics, calcium supplements or oral vitamin D, or if you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant or nursing. It is important to avoid excessive exposure to natural or artificial sunlight when using the ointment. If you experience severe irritation when using Vectical® discontinue use and contact your doctor immediately. Avoid contact with eyes, lips and face. Do not use more than 200 grams (2 tubes) per week.

You are encouraged to report negative side effects of prescription drugs to the FDA. Visit, or call 1-800-FDA-1088 (1-800-332-1088).

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